How Do I Choose a Realtor?

Considering the abundance of real estate companies and agents there are to choose from, figuring out which one to use when buying or selling your home is no small task. It’s also likely to be the most important decision you’re going to make throughout the entire process. This is because the right agent will set you up for success by giving you guidance on prices, location, condition, and a variety of other things that will be to your benefit. Conversely, if you choose an unprepared, unresponsive agent, you will undoubtedly live to regret it. So what can you do to put yourself in the best position to find the agent that’s right for you? You can start by taking the following three steps:

#1: Ask for Recommendations
It’s almost impossible to tell the quality of Realtors from their websites and pictures alone. Every agent will tell you they have great service and impeccable knowledge of the market. The only reliable way to know who you’re working with is to get recommendations from local people that you trust. Find out their experiences and who they have found to be trustworthy and hard working.

#2: Reach out to Local Lenders
Getting referrals can be easier said than done. If you’re moving to a new community from another area you probably won’t have friends and family members around to give you a recommendation. Local lenders (such as Flat Branch Home Loans, wink wink) can be a great source of information on area real estate agents. Mortgage Lenders work with Realtors on a daily basis and know the strengths and weaknesses of the people you are considering.

#3: Go Directly to the Source
Once you do know who you want to work with, it’s always smart to go directly to that person. The Internet is full of websites that will take your personal information and sell it to multiple Realtors. It may look like you are requesting information from a particular person but the reality could be just the opposite. You’ll be inundated with telemarketers who may or may not be looking out for your best interest. So, if you are going to request information online, make sure it is on the agent’s website who you actually want to work with. Or, better yet, pick up the phone and call them to make sure your information is where you want it to be.

In summary, the importance of choosing a reputable Realtor cannot be understated. Do your homework, follow each of the steps outlined above, and you’ll be well-prepared to make an informed choice.

Jim Yankee 8/26/2016