Flat Branch Is Proud To Announce Our New “Community Champions” Loan Program!

Flat Branch Home Loans is excited to announce a new loan program called “Community Champions”! We’ve designed this program to show our appreciation for our community workers. In order to be qualify for this program you must be employed full-time in one of the following professions:

▸EMT (Emergency Medical Technician):Requires registration with the EMT National Registry and licensure by state EMS Authority

▸Fire Department Staff: Firefighter, Driver (also known as “Engineer”, “Chauffeur” or “Fire Equipment Operator”), Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, District Chief, Deputy or Assistant Chief and includes all support staff

▸Police Department Staff: Police Officer, Detective, Sergeant, Captain, Commander, Deputy Chief, Chief of Police or Station Master and includes all support staff

▸911 Staff: Operator, Dispatcher or Tele-communicator

▸School Staff: Teacher, Nurse, Principal, Assistant Principal, Teacher’s Assistant, Office Manager and includes all support staff

Should you be employed within one of the eligible professions listed above we will pay for your appraisal if your loan falls between $30,000 and $150,000. If your loan amount exceeds $150,000, we will pay for your appraisal AND your loan processing fee. This program can be used in conjunction with our VA, FHA, USDA & Conventional loan programs (MHDC and NHF are not eligible).

We are grateful to all our community workers and have created this program as a way of thanking them for keeping our community safe, secure, educated and beyond! To learn more about this exciting new program please contact one of our local mortgage professionals. You can view and apply with a mortgage banker in your area by selecting a location in the “Contact Us” link at the top-right of this page.

Thanks for reading!