Selling your home soon? Make sure to do these 5 things first!

As August begins and the “dog days” of summer begin to wind down, this is a time of year when many families become focused on getting their children ready for the upcoming school year, last minute vacations and other end-of-summmer activities. For these reasons this is also represents a time of year when the real estate industry experiences a slight lull in activity.

With that said September will soon be upon us and with it the real estate industry will pick back up as many homeowners will make a final push to sell their homes before the year closes out. If you are one such homeowner it goes without saying that the first impression a buyer has of your home is something that can make or break a possible sale. If a potential buyer doesn’t like the outside of your home you will never get the opportunity to show them what the inside has to offer. With this in mind below are a few things you can do to the exterior of your property to maximize its curb appeal to prospective buyers:

▸ Manicured Lawn: A well maintained and groomed lawn can really show off a home. This is especially true if the lawn is fertilized, has little to no visible weeds, and you’ve taken proper care of the landscaping.

▸ Fresh Paint: At times outdoor fixtures can take a beating. For instance, they can rust, show a little wear and you may have burned through a bulb or two. You would be surprised what a fresh coat of spray paint, clean glass and new light bulbs will do to the exterior fixtures on your home.

▸ Repair cracked or broken siding: We’ve all seen what a careless weed eater mistake can do to siding located close to the ground. Take the time to replace these so that signs of deferred maintenance to your home are minimal.

▸ Mildew: It’s not uncommon–especially for vinyl siding–for mildew to form on the outside of your home. The good news is, this is nothing that a power washer, soap and time cannot fix. Clean siding can make a huge difference in the exterior appearance of your home.

▸ Clean windows: Those hard water spots and/or rain streaks need to go! It won’t take much time to clean the windows and the impact will be great for the outside look of your home.

Addressing the items listed above are sure to get your home in better condition for sale. In connection with this it is also a great idea to consult with your local real estate agent when deciding what needs to be done in preparation of listing your home for sale.

Thanks for reading!